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1st Garden Maintenance is a Professional Team Of Garden Maintenance Experts Focused Exclusively on our Clients Garden Landscape Maintenance, and Lawn Care.


as a one off job

Informal Hedge Trimmed
Trimmed hedge on Housing Estate
Formal Hedge Trimmed At Mamas & Papas
Formal hedge Trimmed at house

Informal Garden Hedges (a fence or boundary formed by closely growing bushes or shrubs) need to be trimmed at least once a year and this is usually carried out between June and October.

If there are birds known to be nesting in the hedge you must inform the people that you have hired and the hedge must only be trimmed after the 1st of August.

Formal Garden Hedges are trimmed much more often depending on the type of hedge and its location.

Questions you should ask before hiring a hedge trimming service.

Does the Garden Maintenance Company you are considering have a Guarantee so powerful that you can know with absolute certainty that you will not be on the losing end of a bad experience. Will they be around to fix and make right their hedge trimming care mistake? Would they go as far as to pay another company of your choosing to ensure your complete satisfaction?

Does the company have a minimum £1,000,000 + general liability policy to protect you in the event of damage to your hedge? If not, your homeowner’s policy and personal money to cover the deductible is a risk. This is serious and this is a real risk. Hedge trimmers are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the industry. And don’t forget the ladders… make sure you eliminate your risk of being sued if a worker is injured on your property.
Is bush and hedge trimming one of your core services or are they just someone trying to make some spare money and don't have much experience?

Do they know the bush types, trimming standards, can they identify fungus, mould and insect issues?
Do they work closely with an endorsed local premier tree service companies? If so, who. (if your lawn company finds a problem they need to be able to recommend a fast solution and connect you with the best person to fix it immediately — they need to know exactly what to do to prevent lose)

Trim new deciduous hedges in winter
Trim new evergreen hedges in spring
Trim informal established hedges annually to keep them looking good

The areas we supply local Hedge Trimming Services to are :-
Hedge Trimming in Winchester
Hedge Trimming in Chandlers Ford
Hedge trimming in Eastleigh
Hedge Trimming in Southampton
Hedge Trimming in Hedge End
Hedge Trimming in Southampton

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