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1st Garden Maintenance is a Professional Team Of Garden Maintenance Experts Focused Exclusively on our Clients Garden Landscape Maintenance, and Lawn Care.


Local Fortnightly Lawn Mowing Service

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1st Garden Maintenance Local Lawn Mowing Service

Gone are the days when mowing was easily done by the young entrepreneurial teenager down the street. Today’s scientific approach to lawn care now demands a knowledge and understanding of grass to ensure maximum environmental and enjoyment value. Understanding the type of grass you have, recommended mowing heights, and proper mowing practices will contribute to the health of your garden and with that, the health of the environment.

1st Garden Maintenance provide a fortnightly lawn mowing service to most areas around Southampton, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, Winchester, Fareham and Waterlooville.

The size of lawns that we cut can be anything from as small as 100 square metres to an estate with a few acres. So whatever size lawn you have just ask us to give you a free without obligation quote.

With our grass mowing service, we also trim the edges, and blow any cuttings off the path, drive, patio etc.

Our Lawn Mowing service is carried out every two weeks throughout the growing season, Feb - Dec.

Questions you may consider when employing a lawn care contractor :-
1. Do they offer you a complete Lawn care Service (fertilisation, weed and moss control)? It is always better to pick a company that can provide all your lawn care needs, because they then have much more interest in advising you on the needs of your lawns throughout the seasons.

2. Do they offer you a Guarantee in writing which is posted on their website? If the company you are considering can not give you a written guarantee, don’t use them.You need to know that the company you are considering has a Guarantee so powerful that you know with absolute certainty that you will not be on the loosing end of a bad experience, and will they will be around to correct any problems?  

3. Mower blades need sharpening every day. Dirty, dull mower blades are bad for your lawn because instead of cutting the grass they tear it, and the appearance is not so good.

4. For your protection, do they have a Public Liability Insurance Policy to protect you in the event of a personal injury claim? It is not illegal not to have this insurance, but if damage is caused to your property, or you get injured by a flying stone etc., you need know that your service provider has adequate insurance. If they don’t have this insurance, they are probably not paying tax or NI either.

5. Do they have ANY qualifications in horticulture, always ask to see their qualifications.

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The areas we provide a Fortnightly Mowing services to are :-
Chandlers Ford
Hedge End

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