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Lawn Scarifying

Before and after scarification
Lawn thatch being collected
Lawn being scarified
Results of scarification
Lawn Scarification

Scarification is the removal of all the dead grass remains and moss (thatch) that has built up in your lawn and is preventing the water, air and fertilisers from reaching the roots of the grass. Having a layer of thatch on the lawn only encourages more moss and enables diseases to spread more easily.

This “thatch” should be removed once a year by using a special machine that rakes the surface of the lawn.

Scarification is not to be confused with lawn raking, as using small DIY electric spring bladed machines can cause more damage than good, tearing salons and removing little thatch for the damage they cause!

1st Garden Maintenance have the best scarifying service, where scarifying is carried out after a moss and weed killer application has been applied and taken effect, so that when we scarify we also rake up all the dead moss and weeds, as well as the thatch.

The blades of the Scarifier can also ‘be set to slit the grass and prune the grass roots. This slitting action is just like pruning a bush or plant and causes extra shoots to grow and thickening the grass.

So to dramatically improve your lawn, have your lawn scarified once a year. This is best carried out at the same time as having a lawn hollow tine aerated.

We we have high powered machines that enable the job to be done properly with effective results.

Scarifying is normally carried out in the Spring or Autumn, but if you have substantial amounts of moss and or thatch on your lawn, then have it done as soon as possible to give your grass room to grow.

Scarifying improves the quality of your lawn by the removal of weeds and thatch allows water, air and nutrients to reach grass roots more easily. This will result in optimum growing conditions and transform your lawn into a lush green sward.

If your lawn has not been scarified in the last 12 months ask us for a free quote by filling and and sending the form at the bottom of this page.

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