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Long Grass Cutting Service

Special Mower to cut long grass
If you have a long grass problem, or an area that is covered in tall weeds, then we can cut it down for you with our specialised equipment.

Unsightly Appearance
Tall turf grass is typically considered unattractive in lawns. The tall grass becomes thin with some blades growing much taller than others for an inconsistent appearance. After long periods without mowing, the grass may go to seed, causing the blades to look more like weeds than grass. 

Mowing Difficulties
 A domestic mower will have difficulty cutting down the tall grass even with an increased blade height. Usually when the grass has got above six inches tall a good commercial mower is required, or if the grass has got about a foot or more in height, then a special mower may be needed.

Excessive Grass Clippings
When you mow your tall grass, the clippings left behind are longer and more difficult to manage. With regular mowing, the short clippings easily fall to the ground where they decompose and add nutrients to the soil. Longer grass clippings tend to sit on top of the lawn in unattractive clumps. Those clippings also block sunlight to the turf grass, affecting its growth. Mowing the lawn frequently reduces the clumped piles of grass clippings.

The areas we supply Long Grass cutting Service to are :
Long Grass Cutting - Chandlers Ford
Long Grass Cutting  - Eastleigh
Long Grass Cutting  - Fareham
Long Grass Cutting  - Hedge End
Long Grass Cutting  - Southampton
Long Grass Cutting  - Winchester

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