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1st Garden Maintenance is a Professional Team Of Garden Maintenance Experts Focused Exclusively on our Clients Garden & Landscape Maintenance, and Lawn Care.


1st Garden Maintenance can supply and spread wood chip and bark mulch onto garden borders.

Using mulch has some very good benefits for the garden such as:- 
  1. Inhibits weed germination and growth. (Weeds are not only unsightly, but they also steal resources from desirable garden plants!)
  2. Holds moisture in the soil preventing plants from drying out 
  3. Moderates soil-temperature fluctuations (Reduces stress to the plants when weather conditions change, especially in the Spring)
  4. Protects plant roots from very low winter temperatures and prevent plants being pushed out of the ground by earth movement.
  5. Helps keep plant roots cooler in hot conditions
  6. Can add nutrition to your garden as it breaks down

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