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1st Garden Maintenance is a Professional Team Of Garden Maintenance Experts Focused Exclusively on our Clients Garden Landscape Maintenance, and Lawn Care.


1st Garden Maintenance Price List for Private Residential Houses only.
  1. Fortnightly Lawn Mowing Service Prices start at          £26 per visit
  2. Fortnightly Garden Maintenance Prices start at            £37 Per visit
  3. Lawn Treatments Prices starts at                                   £15 Per application
  4. Lawn Aeration Price starts at                                          £48
  5. Lawn Scarification Price starts at                                   £72
  6. Labour for Miscellaneous Garden Work                       £27.75 per man hour 
  7. Hedge Trimming - height over 2.7m                               £39 per man hour
  8. Ladder work                                                                    £39 per man hour
  9. Green rubbish removal from site per 90 Ltr bin             £10.50
  10. Long Grass Cutting  starts at                                          £75
  11. Patio High Pressure Cleaning starts at                           £75
  12. Snow Clearance by machine                                           £99 per man hour
  13. Garden Clearance Price Starts at                                    £600
  14. One Off Hedge Trimming Prices Start at                         £195
  15. One Off Bush Trimming Starts at                                        £35.00              
  16. All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.              20%
  • Payment terms are :-
  • Cash or cheque on the day of work carried out
  • By pre arranged credit card payment system
  • Payment within 15 days of invoice for authorised customers having a fortnightly service.

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